My name is Emily James. I live in on a little hill in a young woodland in Wales with my partner and two small daughters. We love to make and grow the things we need, choose quality over quantity and cherish the time we spend together.

I have always made clothes. I am fascinated by our relationship to clothes, the way they can make you feel and the memories they can hold. Clothes are an individual, creative medium of self expression, a communicator, a comforter and protector, a confidence builder. I love the magic of two dimensional shapes becoming three and the alchemy of a design being given life by its wearer - becoming more than the sum of it's parts.

In all of my work I am conscious of minimising waste. I believe that natural fibres are better. I have a deep and powerful love of old, handworked textiles - within their threads is held a connection to the people and their lives that have gone before us. A beautiful and delicate fragment of embroidery can become part of a dress bodice or bolero collar, or a silk painted scarf may form a secret lining...

During my full-time mummy years, I had the great honour and fortune of designing and making  two wedding dresses for my sister and sister-in-law. Free from the shackles of tradition, and empowered to make their own choices in life, they wanted dresses to reflect who they really are; dresses with colour, dresses to dance in, dresses that felt special but could still be worn with boots. 

Through this personal, creative, confidence building process, I discovered what a wedding dress could be and that this was an experience that I wanted to offer again and again


Previous work

 ...(before stopping to have some full time mummy years)

The dresswear designer and creator for 'llynfi', a couture collection of sustainable, ethical womenswear made from British wool and organic cotton and linen.

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