sarah top.jpg

Already a mother of two small children, Sarah wanted to include them in her wedding as much as possible. Feeling not at all like a blank white canvas, but a full colour, wide awake lady, she wanted her dress to reflect who she is.

Once the dress was made and fitted, we set ourselves up in the garden, with the dress stretched out from the washing line and armed ourselves and the children with brushes and pots of vibrant silk paint.

It was a beautiful, memorable, inclusive process, that brought the whole wedding concept back to reality!


bridesmaids dress.jpg

Jessie loves a good dress. A good dress makes you feel like you want to dance! And dancing is absolutely what Jessie did ...and tug of war, and caber tossing. 

This dress needed to be comfortable and light, whilst also being special. The little line of blue covered buttons and hand stitched loops to match the elegant swathe of blue butterflies (painted by Patti Buada) and the deep cut back and wide cross straps made it a one-off wonder. The extra long, flowing skirt could be tied up in knots (for celtic games) and the shorter crinkle silk petticoat underneath became the skirt for the second phase celebrations!

We also dug out the bridesmaids dress that Jessie had worn at her parents wedding for her niece, and made a new sash to match her wedding dress. A pretty special touch xx

(Portraiture Photography by Rosie Anne Prosser, available for private commission)


Cathie is a textile artist with a particularly keen love of embroidery and a strong sense of her own style. I was so excited to be able to work with Cathie on making her wedding dress - a compelling collaboration of talents! This one needed a simple, elegant design on which Cathie could freely stitch her illustrative embellishments, and be cut well above the forest floor to avoid a train of twigs and leaves..!

The top layer of floating chiffon had a beautiful subtle sheen and was completely separate so that later in the evening it could be easily removed. The narrow turned seams and fine hand stitched rolled edges retained the subtlety and delicacy of this sheer shroud, allowing the careful embroidered lines to dance about the dress. Underneath was a low cut party dress with clean lines, fitted neatly into the waist with a luxurious, flowing and swirling skirt, all made from the most mouthwatering, slippery silk (…that already had a life of its own on the cutting table!)