Cathie is a textile artist with a particularly keen love of embroidery and a strong sense of her own style. I was so excited to be able to work with Cathie on making her wedding dress - a compelling collaboration of talents! This one needed a simple, elegant design on which Cathie could freely stitch her illustrative embellishments, and be cut well above the forest floor to avoid a train of twigs and leaves..!

The top layer of floating chiffon had a beautiful subtle sheen and was completely separate so that later in the evening it could be easily removed. The narrow turned seams and fine hand stitched rolled edges retained the subtlety and delicacy of this sheer shroud, allowing the careful embroidered lines to dance about the dress. Underneath was a low cut party dress with clean lines, fitted neatly into the waist with a luxurious, flowing and swirling skirt, all made from the most mouthwatering, slippery silk (…that already had a life of its own on the cutting table!)