How to design your 'perfect' dress


First of all its nice to meet, and have a chat and a coffee (or herbal tea ...or maybe even a gin if thats what's required?) To do this, you just have to give me a call. You can come here, or I may even be able to come to you...

You may have a strong idea of what you want, or you may be feeling totally lost. Either way, not a problem. We can talk about styles, look at some dresses - look at some of your favourite clothes and talk about why you love them, discuss fabrics, doodle some designs and take some measurements.

1st Fit - Toile

Once we've worked out the design, I will make a toile (a cotton mock-up). This will be your first fitting, to check that the design is going to work for you and that the fit is right.

This is also the point at which we finalise fabric choices.


2nd Fit - The Dress

So now the work on the actual dress begins. 

I will cut and sew the dress almost to completion before meeting again for a second fitting. Now we will check the placement of fastenings, hem lengths etc


Your finished dress can be posted to you or collected in person ...and then you can finally GET MARRIED!! in a dress that you can be totally confident is truly you in design and perfect in fit.